Only rarely is the pirate defeated and victimized by its prey. Both support terrorist gangs that prey on civilians around the world. Night after night, the prey is knocked to the ground. That is the trap upon which Prey on in a sentence (1) The clergy prey on bereaved families. (2) The lions in this area prey on deer and other wild animals. (3) Cats prey on birds and mice.

Prey sentence

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Stalking Its Prey. Finally, add a subordinate clause beginning with a subordinating conjunction which gives extra information about why  May 12, 2019 - Amazon.com: Beasts of Prey: A Dystopian Survival Thriller (The Feral Sentence #2) eBook: Owens, Shade, Busch, Nikki: Kindle Store. Prey is an animal hunted for food. If you're a delicious-looking deer during hunting season, watch your back! You're the prey for all those guys in orange jackets  massive/it's/5 foot long/could bore/skull/into it's prey - English - Sentence Reordering. Thus, both swallow their prey whole.

verb. /preɪ/.

Prey sentence

97 examples: The peregrine falcon is a rare bird of prey for which we have an  to fall prey to: to become the victim of. The mother didn't want her daughter to study abroad. · to prey on  Example Sentence: Pray for the salvation of your soul. Word 2: Prey(PRAY) Meaning 1: Target for attack. Example Sentence: The crocodile quietly pounced upon  Here are 39 fantastic examples of sentences with "fall prey to".

Prey sentence

Forty lakh people are falling prey to the luxury of one man .40 लाख लोग एक आदमी की शानो-शौकत का शिकार हो रहे हैं . Usage examples for "a prey" in English. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.
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Prey sentence

1 The lion stalked its prey through the long grass. Sentence Examples They may steal preyfrom other raptors, and have been known to eat carrion as long as it has not been dead too long.

Many birds of preywere hopping around on the ground, eating grubs and worms, unable to fly because of the lack of thermals. I also used domestic chicks with prior experience of both preytypes as predators.
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I suppose he thought that his prey was escaping him. 2. The foul birds of prey rejoiced over the rich spoil.

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2 : the act or habit of preying.